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Beijing Bikeshare

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The old website died, but its in the Internet Archive so I'm pasting the How To page as a PSA. As for the now-dead bike station map, the official Beijing government map is here.


Bring the following:

  1. Passport
  2. Beijing public transport IC card (it needs to be the newer version with a "C" on the top right corner of its back side) with more than 30 RMB on the balance

To one of the following offices (these are not the subway stations, the offices are usually small huts outside) where you must fill out a form (some Chinese language ability will be helpful):

  1. Line 5: Tiantan Dongmen, exit A2
  2. Line 2: Dongzhimen, exit A
  3. Line 2: Chaoyangmen (line 2),exit A
  4. Beisanli residential district, 100m to the north along Xindong rd. from intersection between Xindong rd. and Gongtibei rd.
  5. 250m to the east along Nongzhanguan north rd. from the intersection between Nongzhanguan north rd. and Chaoyang Park rd.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 11:30, 13:30 to 16:00

The deposit for a bike is 400 RMB. The first hour is free, subsequent hours are 1 RMB/hour, maximum 10 RMB/day. If a bike is not returned to station in three days, 20 RMB will be deducted each day from your deposit.

Please be advised that you need to retrieve the bike from the docking station within 30 seconds after you have swiped the card, otherwise the bike will be locked again and you need to call the hotline for assistance actually, if there's an error in either checking a bike in or out, simply go to the kiosk at the end of the station, place your card on the machine and wait for it to reset your card status (it will change to read "正常").


Chaoyang District: 400887806 Dongcheng District: 4001577157